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Testing our ideas with young people

Wednesday 12 April

Today the Co-Design Sprint team entered into the second testing phase of its prototypes. This session was about taking our prototypes back to our youth advisors for further consultation and collaboration.

Having absorbed the first round of feedback, our Sprint team incorporated the advisor’s first-hand experience of leaving care back into their prototypes, refining their ideas into workable tools able to affect system change.

In the second test phase, revised prototypes were presented to the advisors for them to rank in terms of their likelihood to succeed and their innovative qualities.

Of particular interest to the Sprint team was:

What do the advisors value the most?

What would get them excited?

What would convince them the model would work?

What would the advisors change?

The prototypes designed fit into five categories:

Employment 1 which embeds sustainable employment and employability skills into a young person’s life

Employment 2 which builds young people’s aspiration to seek out meaningful employment

Community Connection which investigates ways young people can connect with their local community and seek support within it

Housing which develops young people’s capacity and practical skill sets to create and maintain a home

Strengthening Practice which explores how to better integrate youth voice in discussions around Leaving Care and giving Care Leavers control and autonomy in the decision making process

The most exciting observation by the youth advisors was how multiple prototypes across the five categories intersected with each other in terms of design, philosophy and desired outcomes.

Participants drew multiple connections between different service models, showing us where each one would intersect effectively with the other to bring about a range of positive integrated outcomes for people leaving and entering care.

With new insights gained into how multiple prototypes can interact across different service delivery systems, the Sprint team will share the feedback and continue to evolve in exciting directions.

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