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Testing our ideas with Young People

Wednesday 3 May

Today the Co-Design Sprint team entered into the third testing phase of its prototypes.

Responding to detailed feedback from our youth advisors, the Sprint teams extensively reworked their prototypes into realistic and exciting service models that would meet the needs of kids leaving care.

In this session, the penultimate models were presented for another round of evaluation and feedback.

Having tested the prototypes for their likelihood to succeed and their innovative qualities, the Sprint team recorded individual pitches on video, presenting their refined ideas for the youth advisors to judge not only what was presented but also how it was presented.

It was exciting for the youth advisors to watch the evolution of their ideas start to take shape into working service models.

They were frank and fearless in their feedback, praising the strengths of prototypes that alleviated the anxieties of kids leaving care whilst deconstructing some of the myths surrounding the OoHC experience.

The session was especially enlightening when the youth advisors reflected on the skills they had to learn when leaving care, recounting their stories of discovering their own agency and the determination required to make their voice part of the system’s plan for their future.

They spoke candidly and passionately about their desire to engage with the community and overcome the stigma associated with OoHC.

They used their reflections to challenge assumptions and demonstrate how service models should refine their ethos to engage with children’s’ lived experiences in a sensitive and practical way.

With greater insights gained into the leaving care experience, the Sprint teams will continue to evolve their prototypes into targeted service delivery models that address real needs and have a profound impact on our understanding of kids in OoHC.

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